Precise shifting control through the latest techniques

The basic flow control is that initially the target drive pulley revolutions are calculated from the throttle opening, its displacement speed, and the driven pulley revolutions. Then, by determining the variance between the above-mentioned target figure and current drive pulley revolutions, a motor control command is determined. To allow optimum fuel injection and ignition timing control for the aims of each shift mode, the function that informs current shift mode from the reduction ratio control unit to the fuel injection ECU has been added. The pulley position sensor to identify the movable range of the drive pulley is also incorporated.

To prevent uncomfortable shocks that occur when the ratio makes a big change in a situation like shifting from the D mode to the S mode, the ratio control unit slows such a shift. The function to automatically select an optimum speed when shifting to the M mode from the D mode or S mode is also incorporated.

To cope with aging, the system compensates for the wear on the belt or pulleys by changing the pulley position accordingly to maintain the designated reduction ratio. As there is no change in the belt pitch diameters, there is no change of reduction ratio by aging as long as there is an allowance of pulley movement.

A simple switch design giving priorities to controllability
The control switches to operate the high performance Honda S Matic system are as simple as described below:

(1) The push-button mode switch to shift between automatic and manual
(2) The see-saw switch to shift between D and S automatic modes or to shift up or down in the M mode

The shift switch is located on the left hand grip to allow operation simultaneously with the right-hand throttle. As such, considerations are given to maintain controllability of existing switches while assuring easy control of the added switches.


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