Development of electronic control belt CVT “Honda S Matic” for motorcycles that include three selectable shift modes.

World’s first electronic control belt CVT“Honda S Matic” for 250cc class scooters.

 “FORZA” equipped with “ Honda S Matic”
The world’s first electronic control belt CVT “Honda S Matic” for 250cc class scooters has been applied to the 2004 FORZA Model. The high-friction rubber belt and aluminum alloy pulley are employed in the transmission system which is housed in the unit swing engine having the same shape as that of a conventional scooter.

The “Honda S Matic” system has realized fuel economy, low exhaust emissions, quietness and high driving performance at low costs. Such features are unattainable with conventional CVTs. One of the big features is that the system permits the rider to select a shift mode from a number of patterns such as the D mode and S mode for automatic shift, and the M mode for manual shift. By that device, the rider can have a choice of reduction ratios in various road conditions such as a flat road, mountain road, etc., and be able to enjoy exciting riding easily. Even though small changes of the reduction ratio through aging exist, there are merits such as no change in the clutch engagement point or in the shift characteristics, no lowering of the maximum speed, etc.

At this point, let us introduce technical details of this epoch-making transmission system, which broadens the possibility of scooters in terms of the comfort and joy of easy riding.


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