Fuel Injection System for Small Engines

The newly developed PGM-FI (electronic fuel injection) system for small motorcycles
The compact PGM-FI has been realized through the ultimate modularization of components.
Important points on the development
For global environment protection
History of Honda's PGM-FI development for motorcycles
The first motorcycle equipped with an electronic fuel injection - CX500TURBO
The racing machine of the 21st century - RC211V
List of Honda motorcycles equipped with a PGM-FI
Development of the ECU-integrated throttle body module
Aims of integrating and modularizing the throttle body and ECU
Outlines of system
FI system control
Advantages of newly developed compact PGM-FI
2005 goals of exhaust emissions and fuel economy
Merits from clean exhaust gas
Merits of high fuel economy
PGM-FI for 4-stroke 50cc scooters
First in the World as Mass-produced 4-stroke, 50cc Engines
Merits of PGM-FI for 50cc scooters

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