High efficiency hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission “Hondamatic” featuring excellent drivability

The HMT (hydraulic mechanical transmission) was born from the research and development of high performance automatic transmission for motorcycles. Honda has continued the research and development of the infinitely variable transmission HMT that fills the requirements such as durability, responsiveness, compactness, etc. for application to large motorcycles. Coupled with the electronic control system, the infinitely variable automatic transmission “Hondamatic” has been realized. As for the first practical application, Hondamatic has been applied to the ATV in the North American market, where the working conditions are severest. The research and development of HMT is still going on to make the system suitable for motorcycles.

Key points of development
The “Hondamatic” consists of the piston-type hydraulic pump driven by the engine power (torque and revolutions) and the piston-type hydraulic motor located in the opposite side on the same axis. It is a hydraulic mechanical, infinitely variable transmission (HMT) using the coaxial layout, with the output shaft taking out the power from both “the hydraulic power transmission in that the torque from the produced hydraulic pressure is increased in the motor side” and “the mechanical transmission from the direct spinning drive from the pump”. Honda applied an electronic control system to the HMT developed over a long period of time, and thus realized the compact, infinitely variable automatic transmission. The “Hondamatic” features high performance under various working conditions through the precise control of the reduction ratio depending on the running conditions, in addition to the inherent high transmission efficiency of HMT.

Hondamatic cut model Hondamatic cut model
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Applied to American spec ATV subjected to use in adverse environment
The ATV is used mainly in North America for a wide variety of uses, from utility purposes at farms and ranches to recreational uses such as hunting, fishing, trail rides, etc. Currently, more than 700,000 units are sold in a year and the volume is still growing. In addition to durability and reliability, Honda considered mount-ability into the engine and performance, and decided to apply the electronically-controlled HMT system that has been developed over a long period of time. The newly developed transmission system, having the same level of durability as the engine unit and the engine brake performance similar to a gear transmission system is named as “Hondamatic” and applied to the Honda’s 500cc class ATV “Rubicon”.

FourTrax Foreman Rubicon FourTrax Foreman Rubicon


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