Hondamatic-Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission


Electronically-controlled, hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission with infinitely variable reduction ratio

High efficiency hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission “Hondamatic” featuring excellent drivability

Key points of development
Applied to American spec ATV subjected to use in adverse environment

Development history: The development of HMT started in the 1950’s

Basic patent licensed from Italy in the 1950’s
HRD transmission applied to the scooter “Juno” in 1962
  Motocross machine RC250MA won the championship

Challenges to apply to ATV the high performance automatic transmission that withstands sever working conditions

ATV used in a wide variety of environment
The HMT (hydraulic mechanical transmission) that ATV requires

“Hondamatic” applied to the four-wheel ATV “Rubicon”

Power transmission route of “Hondamatic”
Outlines on how Hondamatic functions
  Working principles of hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission

Details of Hondamatic mechanism

Infinitely-variable reduction ratio by means of variable-angle swash plate
Pistons for hydraulic pump/motor and dimple plate
  Distributor valve

Reduction ratio control and running modes of Hondamatic

Automatic, infinitely variable mode
Manual shifting mode
  Engine brake

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