HESD (Honda Electronic Steering Damper)

The world’s first,* electronically controlled steering damper “HESD” automatically controls the damping force depending on the vehicle speed and the acceleration.

For more exciting riding, higher performance and more comfort, Honda has developed the world’s first electronically controlled hydraulic steering damper called “HESD (Honda Electronic Steering Damper)”. To constantly obtain an optimum damping force, Honda has employed the world’s first electronic control system based on the rotary-type hydraulic damper applied to the RC211V MotoGP machine. Using race tracks to improve the design, a steering damper that enhances “sure-footed” feeling at high speeds while maintaining the light-effort handling at low speeds was developed. Such steering damper characteristics are not attainable from conventional mechanical-type steering dampers.
The HESD controls the damping force at an optimum level by means of the electronic control system depending on the vehicle speed and the acceleration. With the sensors detecting vehicle speed and acceleration, and the ECU controlling the damper, the HESD allows light-effort handling at low speeds, while at high speeds, it reduces front end shake triggered by a kickback from the road, thus realizing confidence-inspiring handling characteristics. The system has reached to such a level that the functioning of HESD is so natural that the presence of the steering damper is almost unnoticeable for the rider. The HESD ensures good handling not only in sporty riding, but also in a variety of riding conditions, and contributes to the reduction of rider fatigue after a high-speed, long distance run, etc. Honda has applied the HESD to the new super-sport motorcycle CBR1000RR, which inherits the DNA of the RC211V.

HESD : Honda Electronic Steering Damperaaa*According to Honda’s research



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