Application of a two-way communicating and cross-referencing system.
A steering lock module integrates the steering lock and Smart ECU.

In the Honda smart card key system, the card key that the user carries and the smart ECU integrated into the steering lock module on the vehicle, electronically communicate with each other. Only when the ID is in agreement, the system permits unlocking of the main switch knob, the seat, and the console box, and functioning of the fuel injection ECU.

System configuration
The newly developed smart card key system consists of the steering lock module, LF antenna, UHF receiver, and the smart card key that the user carries, etc. By integrating the smart ECU and the mechanical parts such as the main switch knob, steering lock, etc. into the steering lock module, the simple system construction suitable for a motorcycle has been realized. The system is also linked with the seat actuator, console box, fuel injection ECU, meter, and the turn signals.

Smart card key system layout
 Smart card key system layout
Smart card key system configuration
 Smart card key system configuration
Electronic referencing in the smart card key system
When the rider presses either one of the main switch knob, the seat switch or the console box switch, the smart ECU starts functioning. It sends ID signals in LF (low frequency) waves from the vehicle to the smart card key via the LF antenna. As the smart card key receives and identifies the LF signals, it sends the ID to the vehicle in UHF waves. The UHF receiver in the vehicle receives and identifies the UHF signals, allowing the item corresponding to the pressed switch to be unlocked.
Range of unlocking and locking
The unlocking range is an 80cm radius from the main switch knob and limited to 180 degrees to the rear (height within 70~130cm). The locking range of the main switch knob is set at more than a 250cm radius from the center of the vehicle. Considering ease of unlocking and locking a motorcycle, the communicable areas have been designated to satisfy both operations.

Basic description of the system
Main switch/seat switch/box switch
 Main switch/seat switch/box switch
It is possible to unlock the main switch knob, open the seat, or open the console box just by pressing the switch while having the smart card key on their person. When the main switch knob is turned to ON, the fuel injection ECU exercises cross-referencing based on the ID from the smart card key system.

The smart card key system has made vehicles become more user -friendlier than ever. The system completely eliminates key operation when starting or adding/removing an object to/from a compartment. Taking into account rider operations, while wearing winter gloves, further considerations have been given to the application of a smart card key system into a motorcycle such as, the main switch knob shape, the incorporated torque limiter in the main switch knob, the communication ON/OFF switch attached to the smart card key, etc.

When locking the main switch knob, the locking can be confirmed by answer back. When unlocked, the SMART indicator lamp in the speedometer and the blue illumination around the main switch knob glow, allowing confirmation of the status as well as enhancing cosmetic appearance.


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