Smart card key system for motorcycles

It is world’s first* smart card key system for motorcycles that improves anti-theft property, as well as enhancing convenience by electronic referencing functions and centralization of all locking functions using the two-way communication.

Smart card key
Aimed at improving the security of motorcycles, Honda has developed the electronically-controlled immobilizer H.I.S.S. (Honda Ignition Security System) that allows engine starting with only the original key. The shutter-equipped key cylinder in that the seat opener function, etc. are centralized as well as preventing tampering on the key cylinder, etc., and applied to various models. In 2004, in an attempt to attain both anti-theft effects and convenience, the first-in-the-world, smart-card-key system for motorcycles was developed and applied to the large-size scooter.

*Based on Honda’s researches
 Smart card key
 Honda ”Forza” equipped with the smart card key system


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