Save fuel just by driving normally,with Honda’s Idling Stop System Save fuel just by driving normally,with Honda’s Idling Stop System

4.Starting the engine with a small amount of force

Starting the engine with a small amount of force

In order to be able to start a 125cc-class engine like the one in the PCX with a compact ACG starter, Honda incorporated a number of innovative ideas in engine design.


To start the engine,the fuel-air mixture inside the cylinder needs to be compressed, requiruring considerable power.
To compensate, the exhaust valve is opened slightly, reducing the amount of power required for compression.

The decompression mechanism operates only at startup, not during normal engine operation.


The engine is rotated slightly in the opposite direction before starting. This allows the piston to take a ‘running start’, making it easier to start the engine with a small amount of power.

5.Efforts to improve motorcycle environmental performance

Efforts to improve motorcycle environmental performance

Motorcycles are already comparatively easy on the environment and economical, but Honda is engaged in a variety of initiatives in order to further improve their environmental performance.

Using alcohol-based fuel made from plants

Alcohol-based fuel made from plants does not increase the net amount of atmospheric CO2 when burned. Honda has developed a Mix Fuel Injection System capable of running on both gasoline and alcohol for use in Brazil, where use of alcohol-based fuel is widespread.

Making scooters that run on electricity instead of gasoline

The electric scooter EV-neo emits no CO2 in operation and offers quiet operation. The introduction of leasing of this product with its superior environmental performance is a key first step toward the popularization of electric scooters.

In addition to these initiatives, Honda is also working to improve existing gasoline engines, so that they will be able to perform more work using less fuel.

Improving gasoline engine efficiency

  • 4-stroke engines

    Honda employs fuel-efficient, cleaner-burning 4-stroke engines in all its motorcycles, including its 50cc-class models.

  • PGM-FI

    Honda employs fuel-efficient PGM-FI (electronic fuel injection) in most models, from small scooters to large-displacement motorcycles.

  • Friction reduction

    Honda continues to develop technologies to minimize the friction produced during engine operation.

  • Idling Stop System

    The Idling Stop System enables the engine to produce zero exhaust emissions when it is engaged and the vehicle is stationary.

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