Not all technologies depicted are used in all markets.

What do we mean by flexible-fuel technology in a motorcycle?

The term flexible-fuel technology refers to a system capable of running on any mixture of ethanol and gasoline, regardless of the ratio.

The Honda CG150 TITAN MIX equipped with flexible-fuel technology runs normally whether its tank is filled with ethanol, gasoline, or a mixture of the two.

Now let’s take a look at the merits of using ethanol as a fuel.

In Brazil, the ethanol used to powered motor vehicles is bio-ethanol, manufactured from the waste fluids created when sugar is extracted from sugar cane. Since bio-ethanol is made from plants, which absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis during growth, it is attracting attention as an environmentally responsible fuel.

And ethanol produces 3~5% less carbon dioxide than gasoline under equivalent driving conditions, further contributing to reduction of CO2 generated in driving.

In Brazil, gasoline (containing ethanol 20~25%) blends and 100% ethanol are available to motorists. The user can refuel these fuels to one tank freely according to the availability or price or other situations of these fuels.

Not only is the new technology convenient, but cost increases have been kept to a minimum.

The amount of fuel injection is adjusted depending on the ratio of gasoline and ethanol in the fuel tank, ensuring optimum combustion conditions at all times. A newly developed Mix Fuel Injection System, optimized for use in small motorcycles, helps keep the cost increases associated with flexible-fuel technology to a minimum.

Equipment Features

Requirements for ethanol fuel supply have been met primarily with existing components, with additional custom components kept to a minimum. The core technology employed is the Mix Fuel Injection Program.

Mix Fuel Injection Program

Now let’s take a look at an animated simulation of how the system actually works.

Indicator lights display proportion of ethanol in CG150 TITAN MIX’s fuel tank.

The CG150 TITAN MIX is equipped with indicator lights that display the approximate proportion of ethanol in the fuel tank.

Better for the environment, more convenient for the user. In order to become the world’s first manufacturer to bring a motorcycle equipped with flexible-fuel technology to market, Honda developed its own, original system that is very simple and inexpensive. Honda is leading the way in addressing the needs of regions with advanced fuel infrastructures.



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