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What is HFT?More details

What is the HFT (Human-Friendly Transmission)?

The HFT (Human-Friendly Transmission) is Honda’s new automatic transmission system for motorcycles.

Until now, use of automatic transmissions in motorbikes was confined mainly to scooters. The automatic transmissions used in scooters could not be used in general motorcycles because of differences in the structure of the vehicle frames.

The HFT features a simple, compact design that fits neatly in the engine. This gives us the freedom to install an automatic transmission in a sporty bike like the DN-01.

Advantages of the HFT

Since the HFT is an automatic transmission, the bike can be easily operated with the throttle alone.

And you can still enjoy all the sporty riding pleasure that motorcycles offer.

How the HFT shifts gears

Unlike a manual transmission, which is operated by the rider via a foot pedal, or an automatic scooter transmission like the Honda V-Matic, which uses a belt to provide continuously variable gear ratios, the HFT employs a simple mechanism that uses a component called a ‘swash plate’ to deliver continuously variable gear ratios.

The angle of the swash plate inside the HFT is varied to provide continuously variable gear ratios, just like in a scooter.

HFT operation

What is a gear shift?

The amount of power (torque) and rpms transmitted from the engine to the wheel varies depending on whether, for example, the wheel turns 1/3 of a revolution for each revolution of the engine or one revolution for each revolution of the engine. The gear ratio must be varied to ensure that the appropriate amount of torque and rpms are transmitted to the wheel at different driving speeds. In an automatic transmission it shifts automatically, whereas in a manual transmission it is shifted directly by the rider.

The HFT, a Honda original transmission, employs an all-new, simple gear-ratio changing mechanism to combine the convenience of a scooter with the sporty performance of a sports bike.

What is HFT?More details

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