Hisashi Saito

Personal history
1936, born in Aomori Prefecture.
1960, after working for a trading company, become an independent freelance illustrator.
Beginning with Olympus Camera, start working with technical illustrations for, Canon Camera, Nissan Motors, Mitsubishi Motors on the latter half.
After, begin drawing wild birds in nature as my life work.
1980, marking of first calendar, "Wild Birds, Hisashi Saito's World."
Continue making calendars for the next 15 years.
1990, the subject of my works shift to nature illustration.
  Major Awards and Prize
1981 New York ADC Award, Silver Prize
1981 Japan Graphic Design Exhibition, Silver Prize
1982 National Calendar Exhibition "Printing Prize"
1983 National Calendar Exhibition "Printing Prize"
1984 National Calendar Exhibition "Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman's Prize"
1984 West Germany International Calendar Exhibition, Silver Prize
1984 New York ADC Award Winner
1985 Japan Graphic Design Exhibition Prize
1986 National Calendar Exhibition "Japan Printers Industry Association Chairman's Award"
1990 National Calendar Exhibition "Printing Prize"
1991 National Calendar Exhibition "Japan Chamber Commerce and Industry Chairman's Prize"
1997 National Calendar Exhibition "Japan Chamber Commerce and Industry Chairman's Prize"
And many other awards.
    All artwork within gallery is copyrighted by Mr. Hisashi Saito. All rights reserved. Reprint, reproduction, public transmission and/or use of the art for sale or rent are not allowed without prior permission.

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