Bond and Ratings

Bond Issues

Jun 10, 2009 (amendment) Announcement of Unsecured Straight Bond Issue [PDF : 36KB]


As of Mar 18, 2009

Agencies Credit Ratings
Short-term unsecured debt securities Long-term unsecured debt securities
Moody's Investors Service Website P-1 A1
Standard & Poor's Rating Services Website A-1 A+
Rating and Investment Information, Inc. Website a-1+ AA

For details, Please refer credit rating agencies' Websites.

The above ratings are based on information provided by Honda and other information deemed credible by the rating agencies. They are also based on the agencies' assessment of credit risk associated with designated securities issued by Honda. Each rating agency uses different standards for calculating Honda's credit rating, and also makes its own assessments. Ratings can be revised or nullified by agencies at any time. These ratings are not meant to serve as a recommendation for trading in or holding debt.

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