A genuine car navigation system for smartphones brought to you by Honda.

Graphics giving expanded intersection displays and bird’s-eye views.
Detailed guidance leading you to the optimum lane position.
No one but the automobile manufacturer Honda could realize
a genuine car navigation system like this
with the same quality as onboard navigation.

The best car navigation through the most advanced technology from Japan.

HondaLink Navigation uses the same technology as Internavi,
the world‘s first two-way communication car navigation system
developed in Japan by Honda.
Systems for traffic prediction and congestion avoidance
with over a decade of experience in Japan
guide you to the perfect route.


HondaLink Routes are constantly updated with realtime traffic info.

HondaLink Navigation gathers traffic info on the main routes
as well as real time road conditions from other users
into its servers for analysis,
then provides a HondaLink Route – a path optimized for each individual.

Covers even side roads to surprise you with smart shortcuts.

HondaLink Navigation coverage extends from major arteries
to minor side roads to find the best route.
This allows it to suggest unexpected shortcuts
when your normal routes are blocked.


An original map-generating system incorporates unmapped roads.

HondaLink Navigation has a unique Probe Mapping system
that uses accumulated data on routes taken by other users
to rapidly grasp new or unmapped roads
and incorporate them into its navigation maps.

Using it with Display Audio makes your driving experience even better.

HondaLink Navigation can be linked to Display Audio (DA)
and used just like a standard car navigation system.
Drive with the comfort and safety
only an automobile manufacturer can provide you,
with a screen layout designed for driving posture and line of sight,
plus well-timed guidance in line
with data on car speed gained from the vehicle itself.


Data obtained from your car to give you even more accurate navigation.

Connecting HondaLink Navigation and DA
allows precise navigation by determining the car's present location
from its speed and direction.
Drive smoothly even in places
where smartphone GPS data can be interrupted,
like under urban overpasses or in tunnels.

Full internal map storage so you can drive anywhere, even in places with poor reception.

HondaLink Navigation stores all its map data inside the app.
This means you don’t have to worry
when you’re driving in mountainous areas
or other places with poor reception.


Helping make the world a safer, securer place with navigation systems.

HondaLink Navigation analyzes data from users to let you know
which roads are safe to drive through at what times.
Honda is striving to ensure this system works
to find evacuation or rescue routes
in case of disasters such as floods or earthquakes.