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Honda to Launch New Telematics service named "HondaLink"

A new form of communication will begin between cars and people.
Your car will get to know you. This companionship will grow with the time spent together.
It will talk to you. And you will know the exact state of your car at any given moment.
The car will connect with you. Through it you will connect with the world.
This app will give cars a closer and friendlier ambience.
HondaLink will open the door to a more comfortable, eco-friendly, safe and secure lifestyle with your car.



HondaLink Navigation. A genuine car navigation system for smartphones brought to you by Honda.

The most advanced technology from Japan offers you the best car navigation based on a decade of traffic prediction and congestion avoidance experience.
HonadLink Navigation will provide optimized routes to each individual driver by constantly analyzing updated road conditions, as well as real-time traffic info collected from other drivers.

You will be surprised by the smart and unexpected shortcuts the app suggests you. New and unmapped roads will be incorporated into your navigation maps.
This experience will become even better when you connect your smartphone to Display Audio optimally designed for driving. Through it, navigation will become eye-friendly, smooth and even more accurate.

HondaLink Navigation

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