A Long Companionship Begins

Start communicating with your car.
Give it a name and choose its color,
and your car will appear inside this app.


Simple and Intuitive Interface

Use simple actions like tapping or swiping for
a variety of functions or to smoothly access related apps.

A Life Story Shared with Your Car

A Car log to keep a record of the memories in your life with your car.
Events that happen to your car,
pins you dropped at places important to you
and spots you checked into together are displayed as a timeline,
letting you see at a glance the history of your car’s life.
You can also share these memories with
your friends on SNS when you drop a pin.


A Visual Record of Your Journeys

You can enjoy seeing your fuel economy
or find out how far you have traveled
by entering data about your car.

Keep a record of places special for you.

Drop a pin to keep track of memorable car trips,
your favorite places or somewhere you want to go.
A single tap on one of the pins sets it
as a destination in HondaLink Navigation,
giving you the freedom to visit it whenever you want.


Never forget where you've parked your car again!

Use the Find My Car function to make a note
of where you parked your car,
forever solving the problem of trying to find your car later on.
Another function tells you how long you've been parked for,
saving you the trouble of having to keep track
of your parking duration.

See What Your Car Needs

A single glance can tell you the condition of items
like engine oil or filters that you need to maintain.
The app will remind you
when it's almost time to replace them.


Get Messages for You and Your Car

Receive information on car maintenance
and messages from Honda.
This helps you to maintain your car in peak condition.

Advanced Car Navigation on Your Smartphone

Use your smartphone for car navigation!
Find the fastest way while taking traffic into account
thanks to data records and road condition information.
You can also plan drives up to a month
in advance using traffic prediction.

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Take your driving experience to the next level with Car Mode.

You can connect HondaLink to Display Audio (DA)
to easily operate the system on the large screen,
just like a standard car navigation system,
giving you a smooth driving experience.
HondaLink Navigation functions can be operated
simply by touch, in addition to which you can record
Pins for spots you want to visit with a single tap,
and listen to over 100,000 radio channels
on your car's high-quality audio system.