"Putting the Customer First" (1953)

“Putting the Customer First” (1953)

In January 1953, Honda moved its Head Office and its Sales Department to 2-5 Maki-Machi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, the site of today’s Honda Yaesu Building. That same January the company bought a 100,000 square-meter site at Yamato-machi, Saitama Prefecture, and started construction of the Yamato Plant (now the Wako Plant of the Saitama Factory). In April the Shirako Plant was completed and started full-scale production. The branch network was expanded as well, with offices in Nagoya, Shikoku, Osaka, and Kyushu.
Sales of the Dream and Cub got better and better.

The slogan “120% Quality” first appeared in an article in the March 1953 issue of Honda Monthly. It was typical of Honda’s style.

“When human beings aim for 100% they will always miss by about 1%. If a customer buys one of our products that falls short by that 1%, it will mean that Honda has sold a product that is 100% defective. To eliminate the possibility of missing by 1%, we should aim for 120% quality.” People who were in the company at that time would get their practical education from Mr. Honda in even more blunt terms.

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 “Putting the Customer First” (1953)

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