The First "Racing Laboratory on Wheels" Ran in the Mount Asama Volcano Race (1955)

Mr. Honda set off on his trip to Europe on June 9, 1954. His primary objective was to observe the Isle of Man TT Races with his own eyes. He arrived at this Mecca of motorcycle racing, once only a distant object of desire, on June 13. Read more ...

A famous race, whose name still lives in Japanese motorcycle racing history, began up in the Asama highlands in 1955. It is officially called the All Japan Motorcycle Endurance Road Race. Generally held every other year, the first race in 1955 was named the Asama Highland Race, and the second and third races in 1957 and 1959 were called the Mount Asama Volcano Race. Honda continued to taste bitter defeat in these competitions until the third, when it won an overwhelming victory.
This photo shows Soichiro Honda (fourth from the left) posing with Honda riders as Mt. Asama looms in the background.
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