Both Neighborhood Workshops and Super Factories Always have "Dreams and Youthfulness" (1959)

In January 1959, Honda dropped in by himself at the Yamato Plant and called out Takao Shirai, the head of the Production Engineering Division. Shirai had just resolved an early problem arising with the Super Cub at the end of the previous November, and he had just finished setting up for expanded production at the end of the year. He remembers the occasion:Read more ...

Thirteen years after that crude, barrack-like Yamashita Plant, Honda completed its Suzuka Factory with the mass-production capabilities they had dreamed of. This was the most advanced plant of the time, and visitors streamed in not only from the motor vehicle industry but from other industrial sectors as well, to observe it in operation. The person gazing out over the plant from the second floor in this 1967 photograph is Soichiro Honda.
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