E-Type The Early Days of the “Honda 4-Stroke” (1951)

It was March 1951 when Honda summoned Kiyoshi Kawashima from Hamamatsu. “‘Kawashima, would you mind coming over for a moment?’ It was the beginning of a two-month stint in the capital as I worked on the design of the E-Type 4-stroke engine in a corner of the Tokyo Plant,” said Kawashima. “When the plans were at last ready the Old Man dashed in to see it, bringing Fujisawa, with him.”Read more ...

Kiyoshi Kawashima riding a Dream E-Type at the Suzuka Circuit on April 1, 1992. In July 1951, Kawashima had tested the Dream E-Type, for which he designed the engine, by riding it over Hakone mountain pass.
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