Do You Remember September 24,1948 ?(1948)

Do You Remember September 24,1948 ?(1948)

"I don’t recall it. Not at all. It must have just been an ordinary day like all the rest."

Kiyoshi Kawashima (presently Honda Supreme Advisor) was there on that day:

"It isn’t as though my job changed," he said. "Towards evening, when I left work, I seem to recall that somebody remarked to me, ‘They say that we became an incorporated entity today. ’"

Seiji Isobe, who was an employee at that time, also remembers it:

"Did everyone gathered together for a celebration of the founding? There was no such thing. There was no speech by the president, either. The signboard in front of the plant didn’t change. I think it just stayed the way it was."

Yet, on this day fifty years earlier, the Honda Motor Co., Ltd., came into being. It was capitalized at ¥1 million. Including President Soichiro Honda, there were 34 employees. However, they say that there was nothing at all like the atmosphere of a founding celebration on that day. They were all totally absorbed in their work, as always. Nothing about their work was different from the day before, when their organization had been called the Honda Technical Research Institute.

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 Do You Remember September 24,1948 ?(1948)

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