A Passion for Excellence

On August 1, 1997, Twin Ring Motegi opened its thirteen facilities, including a variety of driving courses such as a 2.4 km oval course, 4.8-kilometer road course, traffic-safety driving training-facility, oval dirt track and north short course (overall length: 1 km). The Honda Collection Hall and Hotel Twin Ring opened in March and April 1998, respectively.

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"We have traveled a long road, a road filled with many obstacles, to finally see the completion of Twin Ring Motegi. The saying goes, 'When you drink water from a well, remember the efforts of those who dug the well.' We could not have accomplished the project had it not been for the people of Motegi-machi and the passion of those at Honda who worked on the project. We must remember that."

Those were the words of Takeshi Abe, mayor of Motegi-machi in Tochigi Prefecture, who spoke before a large gathering on July 31, 1997, at the opening ceremony of the just completed Twin Ring Motegi. Abe's heartfelt sentiments echoed through the mountains of Motegi, as well as in the hearts of those who were there to share the moment.

"Twelve years have passed since the Twin Ring concept was first conceived," Abe continued. "So, we can honestly say this day would have never come without the efforts of the many who, in eager pursuit of their dreams, devoted more than 4,000 days of work to our project."
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