The Next-Generation Sportscar

The bright-red NS-X drew crowds of enthusiastic viewers at the Chicago Auto Show in February 1989

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It was to be an exciting time in Honda’s history. In June 1989, the company launched a series of test drives in Japan, eventually moving on to the U.S. and countries throughout Europe.

The American test drives were held at California’s Laguna Seca circuit and on general roads. Laguna Seca was an appropriate choice, since its reputation for extreme difficulty would test the car’s body and suspension performance. Then, having succeeded in that leg of the journey, the team headed for West Germany, where test drives were held near Nurburgring, the circuit that had played a key role in the car’s development.

And at each drive people praised the NSX’s stability, as well as its extremely comfortable accommodations. American journalists, in particular, issued impressive comments such as, “This car will change the standard for modern sportscars,” and “All the cars we currently have are now history.” These were powerful words indeed, conveying their respect for the new car and its highly advanced technologies. The members of the development team simply couldn’t have been happier.

“A car is a machine that functions through a direct link with the driver and passenger,” Uehara said. “The quality of that car is determined by whether or not the car can kindle excitement in the person who drives it.”

The birth of the NS-X opened doors to a new era in sportscars. It changed the perceptions of automakers around the world, who learned they could achieve both performance and comfort in a single vehicle.
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