Anticipating the Age of the EV

<< 1. It all began with a debate concerning the feasibility of solar power.
<< 2. A Corporate Project Involving Scores of People
<< 3. "Why don't you just dig a hole, and bury it!"
<< 4. Finally, Development Begins: Producing the World's Finest EV
<< 5. Test Drives Totaling 130,000 Kilometers
<< 6. First Prototype Gets the Green Light
<< 7. Anticipating the Age of the EV

The Honda EV Plus rolled off the production line at Takanezawa Plant in April 1997. The production ceremony was unusually exciting, given that it was just a single car. Reporters and camera crews from five TV stations and ten newspapers were there to capture the moment. As a decorative paper ball burst open to release ribbons and confetti on the car driven by a Honda employee, the cameras and lights went into action, recording the scene for posterity.

Matsumoto, who had put together the Honda EV Plus and taken it to market, was already aiming toward further technical advancement in the field of electric vehicles.

"There still are many issues at hand, including the battery," Matsumoto said. "On the other hand, there are increasing numbers of people who are willing to contribu-te to the preservation of the global environment. For example, people put solar batteries on their roofs without worrying about the expense. School children are being educated on environmental issues today, more than ever before. When their generation ages to the point that they will be able to buy cars-say, in five to ten years-those cars will have to come with standard environmental and safety equipment. I can definitely sense the coming age of the EV.
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