Formula One Entry (1983)

A Long-awaited Comeback in F-1

“Racing is part of Honda’s corporate culture. It does not matter we win or lose. We want to show our best technology to the users of Honda cars in the form of entertaining spectacles. This is why we decided to resume racing activities,” Kiyoshi Kawashima, president of Honda, announced the company’s return to the racing circuit at the New Year press conference in 1978.

The CVCC engine, developed by Honda as a pioneer low-pollution engine, was receiving rave reviews. The decision came after the introduction of the Life, Civic, and Accord Hatchback, which further expanded Honda’s lineup of commercial models.

Honda returned to the World Motorcycle Grand Prix Series in 1979. However, going back to F-1, which had progressed so much during the past ten years, was a difficult decision to make. Finally Honda decided first to take on F-2 to gain sufficient records and experience before competing in F-1. As a result, it took Honda five years after the 1978 announcement to actually make a comeback in F-1.

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 Formula One Entry (1983)

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