Initial Impact

Using a concept that defied common sense, the City created a new market for itself.

<< 1. Initial Impact
<< 2. Average age of developers: 27
<< 3. Preserve the Clay Model!
<< 4. Thus, the wishes of the young people were accepted, and the SA-7 was given the green light
<< 5. Facing a New Challenge with Madness and the Centipede Dance
<< 6. An Equally Unconventional Presentation Party

One day in 1980, Toru Arisawa, who was then in charge of car advertising in the Head Office Sales Promotion (SP) Division, had two visitors from the R&D Center. The development staffers had come to beg for his help.

Arisawa, never one to turn away a desperate plea, agreed to accompany them back to the Wako R&D Center. There he was taken to the modeling studio, where security was tight to prevent the leaking of confidential information.

Stepping inside, the moment Arisawa saw that full-scale clay model at rest immediately to his right, he was awestruck ... even dumbfounded. It was an unconventional, one-of-a-kind clay model dubbed the SA-7 by its developers. It was the City, the powerful creation of young forces at the R&D Center.
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