Establishing Honda of America Manufacturing (1980)

Gaining an Edge in the Global Competition

Honda found itself surrounded by an atmosphere of upheaval in the 1970s, both in Japan and abroad.

Yet, that situation had actually arisen much earlier-in the mid-1960s when, along with advancing industrialization and motorization, air pollution had become a serious social issue. The Clean Air Act of 1970 passed by the U.S. Congress resulted in even stricter regulations regarding tailpipe emissions. Moreover, the Clean Air Act had influenced the Japanese government to tighten its own policies. Accordingly, auto manufacturers had to comply with such demands, and with no time to waste. Company President Soichiro Honda put out a call to action on behalf of researchers at the R&D Center, saying, “This allows latecomers like us to line up at the same starting line as our rivals.” His encouragement extended to all Honda associates. “Now is the chance,” he said, emphasizing his view of the matter in several issues of the Honda Company Newsletter.

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 Establishing Honda of America Manufacturing (1980)

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