Fulfilling the Expectations of a Growing Region

The CG125 Titan is a favorite among the Brazilians.

<< 1. The Shocking State of Motorcycles in Developing Countries
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<< 4. Fulfilling the Expectations of a Growing Region
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<< 6. The Decision to Build in Manaus
<< 7. The First Factory Manager-34 Years Old
<< 8. High Inflation: The Challenge of a Crisis

Development was, thus, complete, and the motorcycle went on to a favorable reception among the representatives of several developing countries who attended the December 1974 S•E•D meeting and test ride in Thailand. The following day, Honda officials demonstrated the motorcycle's easy maintenance and assembly at a dealership, where local mechanics were asked to disassemble, reassemble, and inspect the motorcycle without the benefit of prior instruction. The results were incredible. Within a mere 20 minutes, they were able to reassemble the portion of the engine above the cylinder, including the new OHV mechanism. The engine started on their very first attempt!

The test ride was conducted using a measuring device that had been brought from Japan to Thailand. High-speed driving in the intense summer heat, along with high temperature testing, were conducted on the Asia Highway, which was nearly complete. Driving overloaded in Bangkok, conducting "knocking tests" using local gasoline, riding under intense heat and amid thick, choking clouds of dust were all part of the process. Said Inagaki, "test rides of every imaginable situation were done repeatedly, and soon we were confident that this motorcycle would meet the demands of the region."

The CG110 and 125 were now ready for their first destination: the Thai market debut of March 1975.
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