The CVCC: Expressing the Honda Philosophy

Honda had pursued high-revving, high-output engines ever since it declared its participation in the Isle of Man TT motorcycle Race. Based on that kind of technology, the company began establishing a low emission engine technology with the belief that “dealing with the Clean Air Act wasn’t a company issue but a duty to which the industry at large was obliged; a pledge to keep as a responsible member of society.” It was logical, then, to pursue the concept of a low emission powerplant independently, without concern that any other company might say it is or isn’t possible.

The CVCC system has today been superceded by innovations such as the three-way catalytic device and electronic fuel injection. But through the enhancement of a reciprocating engine using technologies available in the 1970s, Honda was able to meet stringent regulatory requirements. Thus, the company had achieved something other automakers had considered out of the question. By fulfilling its duty as a manufacturer, Honda spurred the entire industry into action on behalf of emissions control technology.

The CVCC engine had therefore come about through the cooperative effort of Honda’s divisions and departments. And ultimately the CVCC technology secured Honda’s position among carmakers around the globe. Especially in the U.S., the Civic spread Honda’s name and association with high-quality products, even enhancing its fame as a motorcycle maker. It was then that the foundation of today’s powerful American sales network was formed.

The CVCC engine was the first standard bearer of the lean-combustion concept; a goal that is still being pursued today. The legacy of such technology lives on in the LEV (low emission vehicle) engine and other innovations from Honda.
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