Announcing the Civic (1972)

“Go to Suzuka and See the Line!”

A new development project got under way at the Wako R&D Center in the summer of 1970, a year after the Honda 1300 (H1300) was released.

Japan was then in the midst of explosive fiscal growth, achieving a rate of over 10 percent annually. Consumers, though, were beginning to demand more diversity in the products they could buy. The nation’s infrastructure, also, was undergoing change. Since Japan was increasingly the host of such international mega-events as the Olympic Games and the World Exposition, it was necessary to demonstrate that this society was fully modern, with all the automotive accoutrements one would expect. Thus, Japan had struggled mightily to transform its transportation industry, and, consequently, car production leaped into second place, right behind the U.S.

Despite all that prosperity, Honda found itself struggling to survive allegations of defectives in the N360. Sales of the H1300 were low, as well, prompting serious discussions as to what should be done.

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 Announcing the Civic (1972)

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