Entering the Auto Market at Last(1966)

Supporting Retail Dealers in Their Sales Efforts

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in May 1961 unveiled its basic administrative policy regarding the automotive industry (later called the Specified Industry Promotion Bill). Upon its passing, the bill would make it impossible for any new car company to enter the market. Given the assumed timeline, Honda had to begin automobile production and sales immediately in order to obtain sufficient sales records before the bill's passage.

Honda's first automobiles, the T360 mini truck and S360/S500 sportscars, debuted in October 1962, at the 9th Japan National Auto Show. Although the cars were well received by the public, the whole affair was a matter of concern to Senior Managing Director Takeo Fujisawa, who felt the company had been rushed into producing cars at least a few years earlier than originally planned. There was still a great amount of work to be done.

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 Entering the Auto Market at Last(1966)

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