The R&D Center Goes Independent (1960)

The R&D Center that never was

A special meeting was held in Tokyo early in 1962 to promote the establishment of Soseikai, an incorporated foundation. According to the minutes of that meeting, Chairman Fukuzo Kawahara (and former executive vice-president of Mitsubishi Bank, then-director of Mitsubishi Metal Corp.) proposed that Takeo Fujisawa (then the senior managing director) explain the purpose of establishing Soseikai. Fujisawa began with the following statement:
There are two objectives in the establishment of this new foundation. The first is to contribute to cultural development through research and associated projects in natural science, cultural, and social science, and in particular, technical promotion. The second is to provide half of the shares in the Honda R&D as a basic asset for the establishment of an incorporated foundation, thereby completing the original mission of an R&D Center that can in turn contribute to society.
The Honda R&D Center was separated from Honda Motor in July 1960 to be a fully independent entity. Fifty percent of its shares belonged to Honda Motor, and the balance was split evenly between Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. The plan was to establish Soseikai, based on the latter shares held by Honda and Fujisawa.

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 The R&D Center Goes Independent (1960)

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