"Let's keep a record of your hard work!"

Fujisawa, delighted with how Ito had used his My Record notebook, signed his name on the page depicting the goals of My Record, as professed by Fujisawa.

<< 1. "Let's keep a record of your hard work!"
<< 2. Creating New Rules Through the My Record Project
<< 3. Corporate and Personal Potentials
<< 4. Union Reluctant to Implement Certification
<< 5. Defining an "Internationally Accepted Expert"
<< 6. Finding and Nurturing Experts
<< 7. Compensation under Debate
<< 8. Expert Certification: A dream fourteen years in the making
<< 9. The Expert Certification System and My Record Project

The April 1960 issue of Yamato Factory Bulletin magazine featured an article entitled, "Do You Have Great Skills That No One Knows About?" This article suggested that work-history notebooks should be created and distributed to all workplaces.

This work-history notebook was intended to be much like a diary. It was to allow each employee to share the hopes and passion invested in his or her hard work-and as well with the frustrations-with colleagues and supervisors alike. The notebook was to be kept at work for anyone to read, anytime. Its aim was to properly evaluate the individual's efforts and uncover any special skills that could be brought to the fore.

It was the planting of that seed which eventually became the My Record project implemented companywide the following July. In the August 1960 Yamato Factory Bulletin magazine, Senior Managing Director Takeo Fujisawa explained the purpose of My Record to all section managers of Saitama Factory:

It's a good thing for every individual to keep a record of his efforts and the things to which he has devoted himself in his lifetime, whether it be in the form of achievements or the joys he has experienced during the process. It will be a record of memories when he leaves the company; perhaps a legacy to pass onto his sons.

When you begin working on something new, you always agonize over how difficult it is. It requires a significant effort. As the years go by, someone else will take over and the work will function as a system. Eventually it becomes ordinary work, with nobody remembering who started it or how. That's the great thing about it. It's an achievement in and of itself. But keeping such facts on record to share and acknowledge with each other will enhance our sense of harmony in the workplace.
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