The 35th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2001.10
New Concept Commuters

Introducing a passel of new concept commuter bikes aiming to make mobility in worlds
to come a little more fun and convenient.
Most are powered by clean-running in-wheel electric motors with zero exhaust emissions that
make them ideal for the thriving urban environments of today and tomorrow.
A few can even expand their own usefulness and range by hitching rides to points
beyond their normal reach,
including models small enough to fit into a car and models created specifically to dock
with specially designed Honda cars.
Thinking about the future of urban environments,
these new concept models look to do their part in building better relationships
between commuter motorcycles and the commuters who ride them.


Exhibition Model(Prototype)e-DAX

Showcasing Honda's spirit as a maker of both motorcycles and cars, the e-DAX is a new-genre commuter scooter that expands its fun possibilities by docking with a car. Featuring a direct-drive in-wheel electric motor, collapsible telescopic frame and handlebars, and weighing in at a light 25kg, the e-DAX can be folded into a compact package that fits into the rear cargo space of Honda's Bulldog concept car, where its seat serves double duty as the backrest of the rear seat. It also features a special in-helmet communicator linkup that allows the e-DAX rider to talk with the Bulldog driver.
Length:1,125mm/ Width:560mm/ Height:890mm/ Motor Type:Direct-drive in-wheel electric motor

Exhibition Model(Prototype)



The Mobimosa is one of a new genre of clean-running, electric motor-powered scooters offering new possibilities for active urban enjoyment. Besides providing clean and quiet riding fun, the Mobimoba also offers new possibilities for having fun while stopped, including relaxing, getting together with friends, and just hanging out. When stopped, the seat can be moved up, down and around, while the instrument panel doubles as a tray table, making the Mobimoba a portable outdoor cafe that can be ridden to favorite haunts for a cup of java and easy conversation with a few likeminded friends. Even better, the Mobimoba stows easily into the door panel of the Unibox concept car (on display in Honda's Automobile exhibit) to further expand its range of activity and enjoyment.


The Caixa's slim dimensions, ultra-compact form, and clean-running electric motor take portability and storability to new heights of ease. Folding away its handlebars and foot steps, and pushing in the wheels and rear fender/seat assembly reduces it to a clean, easily manageable 170mm-wide by 800mm-long box, making it ideal for fitting into narrow spaces in the home or for unobtrusive 'parking' inside buildings downtown. It can also be stowed easily aboard the Unibox concept car (on display in Honda's Automobile exhibit) to take its clean commuter fun and convenience to more distant locales.

Motor Type:Direct-drive in-wheel electric motor

Motor Type:Direct-drive in-wheel electric motor



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