The 35th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2001.10

Most Honda bikes are made to offer up heaps of fun, but some of them are better described with phrases like "thrilling!" and "sheer excitement." Hence the Sports Wing, where dwell those current and future models that inherit Honda's well-known (even feared!) passion for racing and the envelope-splitting spirit of challenge that goes with it-bikes designed specifically
to titillate the senses and send tingles up the spine at the very thought of riding them.


Exhibition Model(Prototype)XAXIS

Asserting the beauty inherent in pure functionality, the Xaxis features a new breed of sharply aggressive styling, including a compact front cowl with built-in 4-bulb projector headlights, an integrated, aerodynamic undercowl-muffler and a radiator built into its tail cowl. Created by Honda Research of America (HRA), this concept model stands as a hard-hitting fusion of electrifying beauty and advanced technology designed specifically to appeal to a more mature strata of adult riders with a penchant for pure sports style. Its 1,000cc 4-stroke DOHC 90° V-twin engine is set into a Pivotless twin-spar aluminum frame complimented by an eye-catching single-sided swing-arm and front suspension for a unique sense of power and presence. The brake system features new dual calipers gripping a large, rim-mounted rotor for powerful braking control. A new direction in Super Sport machines, the Xaxis fuses innovative styling with advanced technology to open new realms of riding-and owning-pleasure.

Length:2,030mm/ Width:730mm/ Height:1,020mm/ Engine Type:Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC V-twin/ Displacement:995cm3


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