The 38th Tokyo Motor Show  November.2.2004
Dealer Approval System
Continually raising dealers reliability
Honda is continuing to refine its dealer approval system, working on the aspects of environment and safety & welfare to make our point of contact with customers ever more trustworthy. To this end we continually raise the bar on reliability through the positive development of both staff and premises.
'Green Dealer'
Green Dealer
Green Dealers are involved in improving environmental efficiency, eliminating waste, and saving energy and resources at the sites where our cars sold and serviced. These dealers aim to please customers and the local community while contributing to protection of the global environment.
'Rainbow Dealer'
Rainbow Dealer
Rainbow Dealers help customers achieve optimal motoring safety through safe-driving advice and safe-driving seminars. These dealers aim to contribute to the realization of a society with the minimum of traffic accidents.
'Orange Dealer'
Orange Dealer
Orange Dealers provide barrier-free showrooms that contribute to the local community by focusing on assisting customers with physical challenges, including the elderly. The goal is to offer dealers that welcome all customers.


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