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Internavi Premium Club
A safer, more secure and comfortable driving environment with information service performance and quality that only an automaker can provide
Internavi Premium Club is Honda's original driver support service offering mobile phone access to the Honda Internavi system. It evidences Honda's commitment to information service performance and quality, as well as the company's mature and evolving role in providing genuine support to the driving community.

Internavi Premium Club is offered free of charge to owners of the Honda internavi system.
No annual subscription or monthly service charges are required.
A mobile phone from NTT DoCoMo,Vodafone, au, or TU-KA is required to receive information.
Some models are incompatible with this service.
Quickest-route guidance to destinations anywhere in the country
The internavi information center provides VICS information to guide drivers for faster arrival at destinations, even across metropolitan districts and prefectures.

Premium Members VICS
Even on roads where VICS information is not provided, members can call up Honda's own traffic information based on their travel details.
First such service in the world to be commercialized by an automaker (September 2003)

Traffic congestion forecast information
Based on accumulated traffic congestion data, the system estimates changes in time required to destination and delivers information on the fastest route. Traffic information on expressways en route to a destination is provided in map format. The estimated required traveling time takes into account traffic congestion forecasts.
First such service in the world to be commercialized by an automaker (October 2003)
Internavi Weather, world's first provider of information
on weather conditions as far as your destination
First commercial application
The system lets you know what the weather is like en route to your destination. Details such as rain, snow, tidal waves and more are superimposed on the car navigation map. Typhoon information and various warnings are also given.
First commercial application of its kind in the world linked to car navigation(October 2004)
* Weather information is provided by Japan Weather Association (JWA).
Lane-specific Information
Offers route guidance with travel time for each lane in the direction of travel, with information on which lanes have the smoothest traffic flow at intersections en route to your destination.
First such service in the world to be commercialized by an automaker (October 2004)
Simple Map Information
Presents traffic information on expressways en route to your destination in map format. Also provides travel times taking into account traffic congestion forecasts.
QQ Call - Nationwide 24-hour service, 365-days a year
Our Customer Care Service dedicated to Internavi Premium Club members provides quick and comprehensive assistance in the event of trouble on the road.
* QQ call requires separate registration, registration fee and annual fee. Membership is valid for one year and can be renewed. Some cars come with a 3-year membership as a standard feature.
internavi Premium Club QQ Call
This service is only provided for the new Legend.
For details, please visit http://premium-club.jp/
VICS is a registered trademark of the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center.


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