The 38th Tokyo Motor Show  November.2.2004
Environmental Measures
Honda Environment
"Blue Skies for the Children"
Honda has been working to improve environmental efficiency since we launched this concept in the 1960s.
With our sights set on cleaner mobility, we have been involved in exhaust gas purification and fuel-efficiency developments for our powertrains - from engines through exhaust systems - to produce next-generation clean systems that are always a step ahead of the times.
For the future, Honda will continue to aggressively promote pollution control measures, increased efficiency and recycling in all our activities.
The pursuit of cleaner exhausts and greater fuel-efficiency
High-performance engines
A step up in intelligent engines that adds VTC (Variable Timing Control) to VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System), further raising both power output and fuel-efficiency.
Honda's original Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System that achieves both powerful motoring and high fuel-efficiency.
i-VTEC Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) System
Intelligent VTEC system that switches between combustion in all six cylinders and just three cylinders of a V6 engine. This yields high power output and torque together with excellent fuel economy.
i-DSI (Dual & Sequential Ignition)
An intelligent system that controls two sequentially igniting spark plugs per cylinder to enable faster combustion at all engine speeds. This achieves a dramatic improvement in fuel efficiency.
Hybrid System
New Honda IMA System
Incorporates an i-DSI engine that deactivates cylinders during deceleration, and motor assist to realize excellent fuel economy and exceptional recharging efficiency.
Honda IMA System
Employs a VTEC engine as its main power source backed by motor assist to achieve excellent fuel economy. And the Honda IMA System-a hybrid engine system installed in the Honda Insight-achieves world top-level fuel economy at 36km/L
Volume production gasoline engined car (1015 mode, 5-speed MT)
Exhaust Gas Purification Technologies
High-efficiency exhaust gas purification system
In addition to the highly efficient combustion in all our engines, Honda employs specialized techniques to its exhaust systems and high-density catalyzers to suppress exhaust pollutants and achieve ultra-clean-running powertrains.
Next Generation Clean Powertrain Development
Fuel Cell Vehicle
Honda FCX
AGenerates electricity from hydrogen and oxygen to drive an electric motor. Honda FCX combines a fuel cell stack and ultra-capacitor with an onboard high-pressure pure hydrogen tank. The system achieves clean performance with zero emissions of CO2 and NOX.
Natural Gas Vehicle
Civic GX
Employs a VTEC engine running on natural gas to reduce CO, HC and NOX emissions to zero and greatly reduces CO2 levels compared to a gasoline engine.
Green Factory
Advancing waste elimination and recycling
Protection of the atmosphere, water quality and soil
Resource and energy conservation
Implementation of ISO14001 environmental management system
Promotion of recycling
Focus on product recyclability from the development stage
Pursuit of recyclability through production technology development
Establishment of a network covering scrap parts recovery to appropriate recycling
Expansion of reuse and recycling of parts
Greater efficiency of parts dismantling


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