The 38th Tokyo Motor Show  November.2.2004
Welfare Vehicle Lineup
Honda offers a wide range of welfare vehicles.
The Honda lineup of welfare vehicles offers a variety of types to match a wide range of users. Smooth, smart support for entry and exit as well as nursing care is provided by a selection of functions including passenger's seat swivel (passenger swivel seat), passenger's seat lift-up and swivel function (passenger lift-up seat), swivel and lift-up of a second-row seat (side lift-up seat), and loading and transport of an unfolded wheelchair and its occupant (wheelchair transport vehicle). Honda also provides driving assist systems to enable the physically impaired to drive.
The name of the series is derived from the Spanish word alma, meaning heart. It expresses the heart Honda puts into building these vehicles.
The ALMAS Welfare Vehicle Series requires registration
 (excluding ELYSION ALMAS <side lift-up seat vehicle>).
Vehicles on Display
ELYSION  Side lift-up seat vehicle
Odyssey  Passenger lift-up seat vehicle
That's  Wheelchair transport vehicle
4-wheel electric vehicke ML100
The Monpal, which does not require a driver's license, allows people with limited walking abilities or other disabilities to extend their sphere of activity. Developed completely from the perspective of users, the Monpal is started and stopped with an easy-to-operate lever and can be charged simply by connecting it to a regular household 100V power outlet.
The Road Traffic Act treats the Monpal as 'pedestrian' status.
Photo : Deluxe type
Photo : Deluxe type


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