The 38th Tokyo Motor Show  November.2.2004
Devices for Driving Assistance
Honda delivers original driving assist systems based on respect for the individual
Honda Techmatic System
The Honda Techmatic System was developed expressly for people with disabilities to help them drive with ease and comfort. Options include a manual driving supplemental device, left-foot-operated accelerator pedal for those with a disabled right foot, and steering aid knob for one-handed steering. This versatile system allows each user to select and tailor the system according to individual needs.
[Other functional parts matched to physical conditions]
Arm type side brake lever
Ignition and starter switch
Automatic light controls
Slide type wiper switch
Foot-operated direction indicator switch
Grab handles to assist vehicle entry and exit
Photo : That's
Photo : That's
Japan's only driving assist system for people with arm disabilities
The FRANZ System enables hands-free driving by operation with the feet. After receiving direct technical guidance from the system's inventor, Eberhard Franz, Honda augmented the system with original technology to make it even easier to operate. Honda is Japan's only domestic automaker to offer a system that enables steering by back and forth rotation of the foot. All systems sold are customized to best fit the individual driver and Honda also helps disabled drivers with the driving instruction needed for them to obtain a license.
[Customized Model : Civic Ferio]
Photo : Civic Ferio
Photo : Civic Ferio
Honda is exhibiting a version of the Fit equipped with the Honda FRANZ System.


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