The 38th Tokyo Motor Show  November.2.2004
Welfare Vehicle  Fit Sports Concept with POWER TECHMATIC  Exhibition model (Concept vehicle)
Fit Sports Concept with POWER TECHMATIC Another proposal from Honda to bring the pleasure of driving to everyone.
Honda's aim is to offer everyone the pleasure of motoring, including the additional excitement of sports driving. These ideals are embodied in Fit Sports Concept with POWER TECHMATIC. Based on the Fit(1.5A)equipped with a 1.5-liter VTEC engine and Honda Multimatic S+7 speed mode, this concept version also incorporates new POWER TECHMATIC, a driving assist system that allows drivers to operate the vehicle using the hands only. Also included are a driver's bucket seat and side pads, as well as pedal covers to prevent accidental operation. In addition, aeroparts and dedicated color options are added, and to boost driving safety we included a dash-mounted six-point roll cage, five-point harness, sports suspension and other refinements.
Fit Sports Concept with POWER TECHMATIC
Overall Length 3,845mm Overall Width 1,675mm Overall Height 1,510mm Wheelbase 2,450mm Occupancy : 5 persons
POWER TECHMATIC <Exhibition Model>
Compact design integrated with the interior. More comfortable driving thanks to lighter operation by brake assist. POWER TECHMATIC <Exhibition Model>


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