The 37th Tokyo Motor Show 2003   October.22.2003
Honda Dealerships
To become a dealership trusted and patronized by local customers
At Honda we put tremendous effort into establishing dealerships that are trusted by our customers. Training is a fundamental goal. Honda issues a certificate to dealerships that meet our own high standards in the areas of environment, safety, and corporate citizenship. We seek to establish dealerships that contribute significantly to local society.
Green Dealerships 'Green Dealerships'
Green dealerships focus on environmental preservation by reducing waste generated in the process of selling cars and providing services, as well as by conserving energy and other resources. The goal is to contribute to local society by protecting the global environment.
Rainbow Dealerships 'Rainbow Dealerships'
Rainbow dealerships focus on the safety aspects of driving and employ a safety coordinator. The goal to help customers by providing advice on safe driving.
Orange Dealerships 'Orange Dealerships'
Orange dealerships provide barrier-free showrooms that contribute to the local community by focusing on assisting customers with physical challenges, including the elderly. The goal is to offer dealerships that welcome all customers.


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