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InterNavi Premium Club
Information network services support driver freedom internavi  PremiumClub
Providing the information drivers need most in an ideally accessible format-that's the concept behind InterNavi Premium Club, a high-performance information platform exclusively for Honda car owners. InterNavi Premium Club is an idea born of Honda's tireless pursuit of improved information and service. InterNavi Premium Club can be accessed through Honda's voice-operated onboard car navigation system. It will continue to evolve, and be made available to more and more customers.
* InterNavi Premium Club (available only in Japan) is offered free of charge for three years after new car registration(in contrast to other services such as QQ Call, a fee-based road assistance service).
More comfortable driving A faster and smoother drive to your destination, plus services that provide more and better information to enhance the driving experience.
InterNavi VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System)
InterNavi offers on-demand VICS for access to road-traffic reports and guidance to pre-set destinations. Information on detours and traffic delays is available across prefectural borders, so drivers can receive accurate route-planning information tailored to their needs.
Congestion prediction* : Predicting changes in traffic conditions based on historical VICS data to help drivers select routes dynamically.
Premium members VICS : A new system providing route guidance in areas without VICS access relying on information provided by members (information excludes secondary roads 5.5m or narrower)
Parking facility selection : Providing parking facility information matched to a driver's specified criteria.
Map data update
Hard disk-based navigation systems: Free replacement on the occasion of the 2-year service inspection DVD-based navigation systems: Up to three free annual updates until initial vehicle inspection
Car navigation information
Roadside service and facility information is available, along with range of useful content, including news and weather.
Hard disk-based navigation system only * As of October 2003 available on the new Odyssey
More freedom Honda strives to offer supportive, liberating communications in a safe manner, reducing burden on the driver.
Voice-operated command/readout
In addition to hands-free communication capability, standard with the onboard system, favorite contents can be accessed with voice-operated commands and readout.
E-mail access
You can access e-mail in the car via voice command and even receive messages that explain how to get to your destination more quickly.
Personal web page
Each user is provided with a personal web page customized for access by PC or cell phone*. Information about the driver's vehicle, new and interesting routes and destinations, and a wide range of other information is also accessible.
*Available via Vodafone live!, i-Mode, and EZweb
Greater peace of mind The Honda service network provides a comprehensive range of services, so you can relax and enjoy driving.
QQ Call (fees apply)
In the unlikely event you experience problems with your vehicle, this service provides its members roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Coverage includes emergency assistance, towing, repairs, and alternate travel arrangements.
internavi PremiumClub QQ Call
Vehicle maintenance information
Notifications will be delivered by email or to your personal web page when it is time to replace parts or consumables, or when your driver's license renewal or vehicle inspection deadline is upcoming.
VICS is a registered trademark of Vehicle Information and Communication System Center


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