The 37th Tokyo Motor Show 2003   October.22.2003
Welfare Vehicles
Offering mobility to more people
Based on the principle of 'Respect for the individual,' Honda strives to offer freedom of mobility and transportation to as many people as possible, without exclusion. Our goal is to apply our original ideas and technology to help the disabled pursue independence and full participation in society. Honda has developed vehicles with easy-to-use functions commonly required by the physically challenged as well as functions specific to various disabilities. The constantly-expanding Honda Almas series features an impressive range of vehicles that meet the needs of the physically challenged—and those who care for them.
Honda—pioneer in the field of welfare vehicles
Since 1975, when Honda delivered a prototype vehicle designed to help disabled drivers take their tests at Fuchu Driving Test Center, we have been proactive in developing welfare vehicles. One key milestone was the introduction of the foot-operated driving system, the Honda Franz System, for people with leg and arm disabilities. Honda helped seek the revision of the Road Traffic Act in 1981, which gave people with upper-arm disabilities the right to drive. Our first welfare vehicles were launched the following year. To date, Honda has delivered over 65* such vehicles, sharing the joy of driving and mobility with ever-growing numbers of people.
*Total sales of the Honda Franz System (as of August 2003)
Honda Techmatic System
The Honda Techmatic System was developed expressly to help people with a disability drive with ease and comfort. This versatile system allows each user to choose options according to their needs. Options include a manual driving supplemental device for people with both legs disabled, a left-foot-operated accelerator pedal for a right leg disability, a steering aid knob for a hand disability, and a blinker lever for a right hand disability.
[System components for a range of needs]
·Arm-type side-brake lever ·Ignition and starter switches ·Auto light system
·Slide-type wiper switch ·Foot-activated blinker switch ·Vehicle entry / exit assistance grip, etc.
Honda Techmatic System
Honda Franz System
The Franz System was originally developed in Germany as a foot-operated driving system for people with leg and arm disabilities. Building on the original technology, Honda made significant revisions to produce the easier-to-use Honda Franz System. In Japan offered only by Honda, the system allows for smooth steering through the use of foot pedals. All parts required for the system are custom-made and Honda provides support for everything from driving instruction to obtaining a driver's license. Further, when the steering pedal parts are removed, the car can be driven just like any other model.
[Installation: Civic Ferio]
ALMAS SERIES Honda continues to expand its Almas series of special needs vehicles, equipped to assist disabled users and their caregivers.
Passenger lift seat Odyssey, Life, That's, Stream,
and Step Wgn (8-passenger vehicle)
Side door lift seat Step Wgn (7-passenger vehicle), Mobilio
Swivel seat Fit, Civic, Inspire, Accord, Accord Wagon
Installation: Honda Tokuso
Passenger lift seat
Passenger lift seat
Odyssey ALMAS
MonPal 4-wheel electric wheelchair ML100
The Monpal, which does not require a driver's license*, allows people with limited walking abilities or other disabilities to extend their sphere of activity. Developed completely from the perspective of users, the Monpal is started and stopped with an easy-to-operate lever and can be charged simply by connecting it to a regular household 100V power outlet.
*The Road Traffic Act treats the Monpal as 'pedestrian' status.


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