The 37th Tokyo Motor Show 2003   October.22.2003
IMAS Exhibition Model(Concept Vehicle)
The bicycle: a highly maneuverable, environment-friendly means of transportation that responds to the rider's every whim. The IMAS: a sports car designed to provide that same invigorating cutting-through-the-breeze feeling. The design concept was to combine environment-friendly performance with fun-to-drive sports-car performance in an advanced, lightweight, aerodynamic package. The body is made mainly of super-light carbon fiber and aluminum—the overall weight is just 700 kg. A sweeping aerodynamic shape helps achieve a drag coefficient () of just 0.20. The efficient power plant is a refined update of Honda's IMA system. Outstanding aerodynamics, light weight and a 'green' power plant for bicycle-like freedom of movement—that's what the new-age lightweight IMAS sports car is all about.
A of 0.2 from an ultra-light carbon composite body
Designed to be ultra-light and exceptionally aerodynamic, the IMAS features a carbon fiber body and an ultra-low weight. A sweeping aerodynamic contour and a transparent spoiler with built-in rear combination lights help provide an exceptional of 0.20*. Sharp exterior lines combine with smooth planes to create an exceptionally wind-cheating form.
*Based on Honda in-house calculations
The 'naked' interior of a road racer
Designed for lightness, the interior construction is sparse and reveals the aluminum frame structure, reminiscent of a road racing bicycle with its shining parts shown to full advantage. An ultra-thin, transparent instrument panel and navigation monitor provide precise, comprehensive information, including images from a CCD camera showing what's happening to the sides and rear of the vehicle.
Advanced, highly efficient Honda IMA technology: an exhilarating drive
Honda's IMA system has evolved, becoming even more efficient. Exceptionally light and aerodynamic, the IMAS gets over 40km/liter*. Handling is optimized with a shaft-less VGS steering system. Drive By Wire technology delivers a natural, linear throttle response. Working in perfect synergy, these electronic control technologies produce a crisp, clean driving experience.
*Based on Honda in-house calculations
Large double tailgate
Designed to open wide for maximum loading and unloading convenience, the top-bottom split double tailgate achieves both sophisticated design and functionality.


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