The 37th Tokyo Motor Show 2003   October.22.2003
ODYSSEY Production Model
Among the first minivans, the original Odyssey offered great new value. Now, Odyssey has been reborn, and offers even more attractive new value.Uprecedented packaging innovation provides, a blend of outstanding performance, attractive styling and a cabin that is more spacious than ever. With an innovative platform based on a completely redesigned frame, the new Odyssey features a low center of gravity for improved handling and riding comfort, a low roofline for enhanced aesthetics and driving performance, and a low cabin floor that makes possible a versatile three-row seat layout. The new Odyssey is truly a breakthrough minivan. The new Odyssey—first of a new world of Honda automobiles.
Innovative platform features low floor and roofline and an airy, spacious interior
The key to the new Odyssey's innovative, low-floor platform is a large, flattened, plastic subfloor fuel tank, an exhaust system featuring a thin, compact chamber and flat twin silencers, and a newly designed, compact rear s The platform lowers the new Odyssey's roof to a remarkable 1,550 mm*, allowing access to standard multilevel parking facilities and a wide, low-to-the-ground look.
*FF Vehicle
High-quality interior offers superior comfort and operability
Featuring a high-quality interior with dynamic lines that impart an integrated feel from front to back, the new Odyssey also offers stylish, comfortable seats. An advanced functional instrument panel design enhances visibility and operability. Attractive, easy-to-read, 3D self-illuminating meters and an easy-access center panel let the driver focus on the road.
2.4L DOHC i-VTEC and CVT with torque converter for enhanced driving pleasure
New Odyssey's 2.4L DOHC i-VTEC engine supplies ample torque combined with outstanding fuel efficiency and clean emissions. It also features a newly developed continuously variable transmission (CVT) *with torque converter. The CVT delivers smooth, seamless acceleration, and the torque converter assures powerful starts. Together, they generate highly responsive power at all rpm ranges. The new Odyssey also comes with a 7-speed mode for gear shifting with a manual feel.
*FF Vehicle
The Absolute-a new level of elegan design and dynamic performance
With 215/55R17 tires and a low center-of-gravity aerodynamic design,the new Odyssey Absolute's exterior has a born-to-run look. The high-quality, sporty interior is crowned with a three-spoke, leather-wrapped steering wheel. The powertrain delivers premium performance with its five-speed automatic transmission (S-Matic).
Main Specifications • Overall Length/Overall Width/Overall Height: 4,765mm/1,800mm/1,550mm(FF Vehicle)
  • Wheelbase: 2,830mm


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