The 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.10.29

Honda is keenly aware of environmental concerns and employs original e-TECH (ecology conscious technology) in all its manufacturing processes from production through disposal, as well as in all company activities. Honda's serious commitment to the environment will continue with ongoing refinements to e-TECH products.

Cleaner exhaust gas emissions and further improved fuel economy
Honda's new generation engines feature smart technologies that improve fuel-efficiency and reduce emissions while assuring ample power for enjoyable driving. And the Honda IMA System-a hybrid engine system installed in the Honda Insight-achieves the world's best fuel economy at 35 km/L*.

* Volume production gasoline engined car (10·15 mode, 5-speed MT)
Development of alternative energy vehicles
Honda has marketed alternative fuel vehicles such as natural gas and electric vehicles, that do not use gasoline. During 2002, Honda is set to begin commercialization of fuel cell-powered vehicles.

Raising the Recycling Ratio
Honda implements a thorough policy of recycling that runs from the product design stage to manufacturing, to product use through to disposal. We are aiming at a close-to 100% recycling rate and zero waste.
Environmental improvements in Honda factories, too.
In our quest to realize the "Green Factory" Honda has received ISO14001 certification for all its domestic manufacturing plants and major factories overseas, too.

Every life is precious. This is why Honda is totally committed to safety for all-drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We begin by collecting and analyzing data from actual traffic accidents. We then faithfully reproduce these accidents in our testing centers to collect even more extensive and accurate data, allowing us to advance effective technologies such as our G-Control Technology(G-CON) for reducing G forces on people in accidents, and thereby reducing the severity of injuries.

G-Control Technology for Passengers
Honda analyses accident statistics in order to set our own safety research targets. Our testing includes car-to-car crash tests* that help us further raise the standard of G-Control technology.

* 50% offset, 50 km/h collision with 2-ton vehicle.
Car-to-car crash test

G-Control Technology for Pedestrians
Honda developed its 2nd generation pedestrian crash test dummy to more closely resemble the human body, with a total of 8 sensors for monitoring data in the neck, thorax and other body parts. The 2nd generation dummy allows us to gather more detailed measurements that are used to advance our pedestrian safety technologies.
2nd-generation pedestrian dummy

Working to increase safe driving education
Honda has accumulated a wealth of safety education know-how gathered over many years, and combines this with the latest software in driving simulator development. By experiencing potentially hazardous situations during driving simulations, drivers can become more aware of how to predict accidents and the most effective driving techniques to avoid them.


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