The 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.10.29
Vehicles on Display

Starting from a basic concept of "respect for the individual", Honda aims to bring the pleasure of motoring and the joy of motion to as many people as possible. In line with this desire, Honda introduced a CIVIC equipped with the TECHMATIC SYSTEM for driving assistance in 1976, and in 1982 marketed the FRANZ SYSTEM. Following that, 1995 saw the development of the ALMAS series for a lineup that is still broadening. Our wish is to bring the pleasure of motoring to the greatest number of people possible through the development of comfortable, truly useful vehicles.

Devices for driving assistance
The Honda Techmatic System was developed expressly for people with disabilities to help them drive with ease and comfort. This versatile system allows each user to select systems according to their needs. Options include a manual driving supplemental device, left-foot-operated acceleration pedal and steering aid knob.

The Franz System was originally developed in Germany as a foot-operated driving system for people with leg and arm disabilities. Using the original technology, Honda made significant revisions to produce the easier-to-use Honda Franz System. Our specialists cater to individual users by putting together unique systems according to needs.

Welfare Vehicles
Honda is developing the ALMAS Series Welfare Vehicles to lighten the load on physically impaired motorists and passengers. The ALMAS lineup continues to expand.

Passenger door opens wide to 75°
  One switch operation. Electrically operated passenger's swivel/lift-up seat.
  Tiedown net and protector cover for folding wheelchairs fitted as standard on 7-seater version.

Wheelchair is not included. Not all wheelchairs are compatible.

4-wheel electric vehicle
Almost anyone can get into the Monpal electric wheelchair and drive it immediately. We have made operation that easy. Honda prioritized convenience and comfort in the design of the cart and in the selection of its equipment, which includes a range of safety functions.

· Simple operation. Cart starts when drive lever is depressed and stops when hand is removed from lever.
· Tough, reliable motor system makes long hill climbs a cinch.
· Rear of cart is narrower than front to help avoid collisions with people and objects, and avoid catching obstacles under wheels.
· Recharging is accomplished with ease using regular 100V power point.
* No driving license is required to drive Monpal in Japan since the cart is regarded as a wheelchair under Japanese road and traffic laws.
* Monpal is available through Honda dealers.


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