The 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.10.29

The demand for delivery of cold-storage items has been increasing. Honda's answer to this trend is the ACTY COOL SHUTTLE. In addition to its ultra-long, full-flat cargo room, this is the world's first light commercial vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit next to the driver's seat. This bold innovation makes it possible to deliver regular cargo and cold storage items with a single vehicle. What's more, the refrigeration unit offers single-switch changeover from a deep freeze to a chiller. ACTY COOL SHUTTLE makes short work of delivering the widest variety of goods.
Passenger's side refrigeration unit layout enabled by MR (Mid-ship Rear-drive) powertrain configuration
The ACTY series uses an MR (Mid-ship Rear-drive) powertrain configuration with the engine located centrally, between the front and rear axles. This configuration encourages a more stable ride even with a full load, and opens up more flat space for storage. ACTY COOL SHUTTLE makes use of this space to provide a horizontal refrigeration unit located on the passenger's side.
2-way opening top lid for superior cooling power
Since cold air flows downwards, conventional refrigerated vehicles lose cold air as soon as their refrigeration units are opened. Not so with ACTY COOL SHUTTLE. The refrigeration unit in this vehicle features a top lid to prevent cold air escaping when opened, allowing the unit to maintain a constant temperature. The lid is also split into two sections that open at either side of the unit. This 2-way lid arrangement allows opening of the unit halfway or fully, depending on the size of the item, as well as from the driver's seat or from outside, promoting speedier delivery work.
Inert gas-insulation refrigeration unit: Ample capacity with space economy.
The refrigeration unit uses an inert gas-insulation system which allows a thinner insulation layer and thereby creates greater capacity. This design achieves a storage capacity of about 300 liters.
<Refrigerated Vehicle Specifications>
· Refrigeration box material: Colored copper
· Insulation system: Inert gas-filled
· Inner wall: Stainless steel
· Water drainage hole: One
· Kit manufacturer: Box: Thermos/Compressor: Denso

From frozen goods to long items-one van provides transport for a variety of goods
The full-flat cargo area provides a space 1,740 mm long (driver's side) and 1,240 mm wide, while the ceiling is fitted with a carrier for long articles allowing users to transport regular sized goods and lengthy loads such as skis.


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