The 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.10.29

Until now, something has been missing from commercial vehicles and MOBILIO SPIKE PRO is the commercial vehicle that provides the answer. Designed for the new era of business, MOBILIO SPIKE PRO is a commercial vehicle with top-level*cargo space and a roomy, comfortable interior.Based on the MOBILIO SPIKE, this new concept vehicle is modified to maximize cargo capacity. Offering exceptional loading capability as well as the comfort of a passenger car in a stylish package, MOBILIO SPIKE PRO goes to work in style.
* 5 number 5-seater 1.5-liter engine version
Depth: 1,855mm*1. Height: 1,110mm. 1,045 liters*2 of cargo space.
MOBILIO SPIKE PRO packs plenty of cargo, handling lengthy items or rows of small items with ease. Its large-capacity, square cargo area provides all the space necessary for versatile loading arrangements. Opening both rear-end sliding doors reveals a spacious loading bay area 570 mm wide and 1,140 mm high, as well as a low floor for easy loading and unloading.
*1 With driver's seat in best position for average-height Japanese male (Honda estimated). With passenger's seat fully forward, 1,945mm. With passenger seat in rearmost position, 1,705mm.
*2 As measured by Honda using VDA formula.

Underfloor box for convenient storage of tools and other small items beneath the cargo bed.
Extra cargo space of about 120 liters* is provided by a bucket type storage box located below the cargo bed. The box allows sorting and organization of tools and other items.
* As measured by Honda using VDA formula.
Power to spare, even with a full load. The key to enjoyable workaday driving.
MOBILIO SPIKE PRO is equipped with a newly developed 1.5-liter VTEC engine that offers exciting performance along with outstanding gas mileage. Transmission features Hondamatic S for smooth power that responds seamlessly with the driver's intentions. In addition, there's also a 7-speed mode allowing pseudo manual shifting for even greater driving enjoyment.


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